Eye Movement Therapy

If you trawl around the internet you will find several versions of eye movement therapy. I’ll give you a quick description first then you can get used to it being an unlikely therapy.

This is a much simplified overview of one aspect of eye movement therapy:
Let’s assume somebody becomes anxious when they go outside (as in agoraphobia). A broad brush use of eye movement therapy would be to get them to remember a time when they were getting anxious waiting to go outside, and allow them to start feeling the anxiety rising. At the same time as they are re-experiencing the feelings I lead them to move their eyes by getting them to follow the movement of my finger without moving their head.

Crazy right! (And much simplified)

There’s no way that could possibly work is there?  And yet…

And yet that basic sequence has helped so many people and set them on the road to recovery. It appears to free up behaviour that has become somehow stuck in their mind.

The implementation of the therapy takes a little more than I described here but you get the general gist of the process.

An interesting aspect of this therapy is that it can be done content free. What that means is that I have helped several people with aspects of their lives that I knew nothing about, and still don’t. They experienced the memories and I took them through the process, and it changed the effect of the issue.

Peter French

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