A Different Point Of View

A colleague of mine asked me an interesting question. Behshid is Iranian or as he prefers Persian and if your view of that is all baggy trousers and a turban of sorts then forget it. Go more for Omid Djalili with hair and less weight and you're somewhere close, his background sometimes brings with it a unique viewpoint on everything. So the interesting question was naturally a trap but a fun trap for all that.

How do you pronounce this word "ghoti". Yes you read that right "ghoti".

Here's a clue, it's nothing to do with small beards. So to cut to the chase the answer is "Fish", and I warn you that this is incredibly logical but it's right out of left field.

The gh is the F in enough. The o is the I in women. The ti is the SH in station.

Like I said it's a different point of view, perfectly logical, perfectly right and proper and at the same time not at all what we're used to and completely wrong. We native English speakers have been taught how to read and how to spell and no matter how bad our teachers thought we were our spelling habits never went anywhere like ghoti for fish.

Our lives are based on habits, we learn them here and there and sometimes we get offered a new perspective. If it feels like a criticism then stop being upset, accept it as a gift, a viewpoint that we are not used to, otherwise we go back to what we know and learn nothing.

Personally I love things like this that challenge what we accept as logically right, and beyond that I try and keep an open mind.

So is there anything wrong with ghoti and tiops for tea. Or is it just a step too far as a way of initiating personal change.

Peter French

Husband, Dad, Hypnotherapist, Software Engineer, Trainee guitar maker, Poor musician, Awful singer, Occasional writer.